Blog: Putting It Together

"I know that wherever there are children, there is magic. I believe that magic is about to unfold on all levels tonight. They will remember their lines, and anyone who doesn’t… well, that’s all part of the magic too."

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Blog: "Show Me You Can Lead"

  The children were asked to paint “inside the lines” of her mural sketch. Except, when all the pressure is getting to them—from preparing for the EQAO tests and feeling that no-one is listening to them—the students take their proverbial mic and do so with a lot of volume.

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Blog: "Give Us Our Mic" and "Kids Talk Too Much!"

This resonating intuitive voice within me told me to grab the mic and sing out the truths about internal and external conflicts within the lives of children. With this, they too need to be given the mic to sing...

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Blog: "I See Everything (I mean EVERYthing)!"

This lens is something I am trying to encourage them to see through. Given that it took me almost half a century to see, it’s harder to convince them that it does indeed exist; a lens through which we can look, and see only the beauty of life… unfolding more beauty of life.

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Blog: Writing for Reel - Part II (The Longest Reel)

"Give them a chance to play, and the magic of learning will find its way. Give them a mic to sing, and a song from inside will find its wings"...

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Blog: Writing for Reel - Part I

I was invited to a gathering where there were producers, agents and writers. Ah, but not just any group of producers, agents and writers. These are the cream of the crop participants in children’s award winning television shows. I was honoured to be amongst them.

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Blog: Self-Love Lavender Part II - "Butterfly Be Me"

I don’t let their mocking mouths break my smile, 

When I tell them the stories that will free them from their denial

“Okay. Okay. I’m listening.” They often reply

So I tell them about the magic of the white butterfly 

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Blog: "I Just Want to be Normal!"

Her eyes filled with tears, and she started to weep as she fell into my arms. She could barely speak through her tears, but what I was able to make out was that she has a condition which requires her to take medication...

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Blog: I Can't Help It: I'm Autistic!

Somewhere along the way, this lovely soul began to lose her identity. It has progressively birthed itself out of a system that is continually working on accommodating her every need. The intentions are worthy, but at the cost of what belief system?

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