"Paula's meditation music transcends the listener to a plane that is undeniably within a celestial realm."

Hanna – Author – 22 years old

"Paula's music captivates the listener, transcending the physical plane and drawing them within the realm of the divine."  
Linda – Retired Driver Review and Control Analyst – 71 years old

"Paula's music and voice have created the wonderful amalgam of sounds and melodies, while her voice is Angel-feather like. The moment I heard her voice, I was in Heaven. The Mastery is incredible. The choice of journey is divine."

Louise – Christian, who was once a Reiki practitioner and psychic – 55 years old

"It's music that you don't just listen to with your ears. It's a true mind body experience."  

Chelsea – Radio Broadcaster – 22 years old


"Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin."

Danielle Bernock

  "Journey Into The Galaxy: Create Your Own Galaxy"

"Journey Into The Galaxy: Create Your Own Galaxy"

“Music evokes a strong emotional response from deep within. While meditating [to Paula’s “Faith Like A Child – Guided Meditation”] an idea started to form.
I awoke the next morning with thoughts and images flooding into my minds eye. It was as if a year of crawling through the turmoil of a career off the rails was finally coming into focus. I’m very particular in and protective of my musical choices as they are a very personal if not selfish pleasure. On these rare occasions that I receive such an epiphany I tend to run with it, see where it takes me.
In this case Paula, through her music, has ignited a spark that continues to grow. I’m beginning to feel a clarity I’ve not felt in some time. I’m not sure where this path is leading me, but I’m excited at the possibilities. For this I thank her and trust she will be part the journey in some way. This is where a new chapter begins:  “Growth””

Jim - Consultant - 55 years old

  "Piece In Isolation: I Need More Courage "

"Piece In Isolation: I Need More Courage"

“I love Paula’s music! Her meditation music, alongside her voice, make up the only meditation play-list I like to listen to. My mind is one that keeps me awake at nights, and very little can calm it down. I have tried several guided meditations and none equal the powerful and deep impact that Paula’s music and guided narrative provide. I highly recommend it to people of all ages.”

Ann – Interior Designer – 50 years old

“Our class was working on an art project for Ms. Walker one day, and she put on some of her meditation music. A couple of kids started to cry because the music reminded them of memories of their family members who died. Ms. Walker told them that it was ok to remember, and also ok to cry as long as they focused on the happy memories of their lost loved ones as well. As for what the music did for me… Well, I told Ms. Walker that it inspired me to draw like nothing has ever inspired me to draw before.”

Aeliana – Student – 11 years old


“Well where do I begin. Paula’s music can cheer anyone up and put a smile on their face. I look forward to seeing her every week [for my vocal lessons] and hear her wonderful music. It's not a bad thing when her songs get stuck in your head, you sing it and give a smile to someone.”               

Renee – Student – 12 years old



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The System Failed Her:

She was 6 years old, and struggled to learn to read and write.

With her father moving out, and the emotional trauma that followed, her grade one teacher understood why she shut down and stopped paying attention in class.

It was suggested that she not move on to grade two. 

Thereafter, the word “fail” found its way as a scarlet letter on all of her 4-sides.

It was also understood that anyone who failed grade one – packed with all the “normal” content that “normal intelligence” should grasp – likely had a “learning disability.” So, this “disability” carried its way into her primary grades and earned her the stripe “stupid” by many of her peers. 

She began to assume the same, given that she sat outside the norm.

And all of the educational paper trail,

in its perfect political form,

followed her like a magnetic storm.

Her peers spoke about her like her existence was an odd one, when they would pose the rhetorical question: “Who fails grade one?!” Although, she could easily answer that question.

One day, she found a passion that kept her from dwelling too much on the way others saw her, and she used the piano keys to express her deepest joy and her deepest despair. “Talented” is the word that eventually found its white stripe set against the darkness she felt plagued from; and even though she heard this new word countless times, the other word is what resonated the most within her being. “If only I could be as smart in school, as I am talented at music,” she often thought to herself.  The two words eventually collided, as she transcended the emotions attached to each identity into her music expression.

Following her impressionable primary years, a high school guidance counselor told her mother “Your daughter will never attain a high degree of success in life, because she doesn’t stick to anything long enough to be successful.” In turn, the mother used reverse psychology and told her daughter what was said. 

Mind you, it had an adverse affect than what the mother had hoped.

As such, this girl believed that she didn’t have it in her to stick to anything long enough to find success.

This mindset followed her, like lint lends itself to Velcro.

As she prepared for a college music scholarship, her brother teased her about it not being a “real” program and advised her to get a degree in something that would allow her to have a “real job.”

Although she tried to bend her brain into his left hemisphere thinking, it hurt too much to imagine not following her dreams.

So, off to a college in the United States she went on a music scholarship for her music talents. Her grade point average was so high, that she thought perhaps returning to Canada and applying to university music studies was something her talents could attain.

So, off to the university of Toronto she went, where she attempted to keep her previous year’s grade point average the same; but, there was too much reading and writing for her brain to maintain. So, once again…

she got by on her talents and worked her way through 3 years in music education.


It was years, and research study upon research study before she learned that her talents were identified as an intelligence.

Once she opened her mind to this truth, she began to excel at other things. 

She went back to school, and graduated with 2 degrees at honors level. 

She even won scholarships for her grades and her leadership skills. 

She even won an award for her honor’s thesis. 

She even became a published author. 

With each success, her writing abilities grew and grew,

and her brain began to see through the limitations she’d set her mind to,

way back when the system failed her.

Her name: Paula Walker


As you can see, the only limitations I placed upon myself came from the mindset I allowed to keep driving my life force: What I believed, I became.

What I became, I believed was the measure of my greatest height.

These experiences have led me to an immense passion to help children, youth, and adults find the greatest truth within themselves: We can do anything our heart’s rhythms cry out for us to dance our dance of life to!

But, we are often so affected by the noise and confusion of a wireless and static world, that we can no longer hear the truth within ourselves.

I don’t need to reference all the research studies that prove mindfulness and meditation practices help people to overcome many battles of the mind.

What I do know however, is that the people most trustworthy to engage you in such vulnerable and deep practices are the people who can empathize with you or with your children on a level of “been there, done that” and “this is what worked (and continues to work) for me and for my students.”


I know my heart, and I know that it is in the right place when I offer these guided and unguided components to you, or to your children, as I come from a place of pure empathy.

I did not set out on this journey of creating meditation and mindfulness practices to get rich: I am in this with the intention of enriching the life of your family, simply by enrichening the souls of you and your children, with my words and music born out of love and empathy.


Be blessed in love and light,